Champions Network

The SDC Network brings together local champions from the public, private and non-profit sectors from cities and towns to mobilize small-scale, incremental development in their places to get big results–faster, at less cost, and with community-strengthening benefits.

1. We gain tested, practical knowledge as to what works for inclusive, vibrant, and prosperous walkable urban places built, maintained, and owned by locals.   

  1. Together we learn to harness untapped market and proforma-level data, calibrate local policies, and align local systems for clear insights and powerful outcomes. 
  2. We’re able to work smarter and more efficiently as a result of hearing the stories, experiences, and ideas of people on the same path. 
  3. We build practices in how to work efficiently in local cross-sector teams that keep us focused and delivering small, continuous, and cumulative results; and
  4. As a community of practice we capture together answers to our least understood questions on the ground, especially as long-standing models and ways of doing business continue to prove inadequate to our local success:  
  • helping each other see opportunities that aren’t totally clear on our own
  • capturing things we can do to help each other and allow all of us to rise together
  • redefining what success means in how we practice community and economic development. 

Want to Join us?

The SDC Network is a social network free of the distractions of social media.
Accessible via the web or a downloadable iOS /Android app.

Let’s talk about how your group—large or small—can best use this community of practice to accelerate your local goals.

Shoot us a note at and we’ll be in touch.